ARC.HIVE is a collaborative studio dedicated to the creation of distinctive designs at small, medium, or large scales.

We believe in an all-encompassing approach to design that defies conventional wisdom, prefabricated solutions or stylistic recipes. Our uniquely cosmopolitan list of team members & close collaborators is comprised of (mainly) interior designers, but also of accredited architects, visual / scenography artists, as well as technicians & contractors trained in competitive schools from all over the world.

Such a versatile synergy allows for our clients to embark on a singular, creative journey where uniquely emotional, high-end designs meet the needs of demanding, multisectorial markets - from handcrafted product lines to interior spaces or architecturally inspired designs.

Passionate, dedicated processes; precise renderings and deliveries; intimately crafted pieces: uniquely private spaces & places. Designs embracing new technologies while nurturing personalities & instincts. Designs standing the test of time while evolving through time, with us & throughout the many lives of objects, clients & contexts.

Crafted Solutions


Our designs are architecturally inclined; emotionally informed; and adaptive in nature.

We believe in the expressive power of interior design - i.e. in its capacity to embody personality & character while providing solutions to the pragmatics of everyday functions, new technologies, or changing usage.

We conceive of interiors that are perfectly in tune with (existing or projected) spaces, volumetry, and light. Such a generative, architecturally driven approach allows for unique, custom-made designs that have this extraordinary capacity to maintain a strong identity while being able to adapt or evolve through time.

Our designs are seamlessly integrated, in strict accordance with programmatic drawings or architectural plans. The thoughtful assemblage of objects, furniture & light; solid or soft goods; circulations & textures; services or devices; technologies old & new; sound & natural landscape, provide awe-inspiring, open-ended spaces.

Architecturally informed interiors inspire impactful, monumental interiors that nevertheless never fail to address the minutia of objects or details - expressing the identity of uniquely distinctive, intimately private places.

Our areas of expertise, versatile and long-arching, meet the incessant pursuit of, and creative drive for innovative, custom-made designs.

At the cutting edge of contemporary designs, ARC.HIVE offers a rich combination of knowledge, innovative thinking, discernment in aesthetics & taste.

Harvesting Architecture
and Emotion


We specialize in interior architecture - i.e. the design of exclusive, private interiors for both residential and commercial needs.

Experienced interior designers are paired with qualified architectural expertise; creative artists; as well as tech and engineers - harvesting the best of cutting-edge, worldwide design trends & techniques.

ARC.HIVE offers:

  • Interior Designs of Private Residences
  • Hospitality Designs (hotels, restaurants, cafes; spas)
  • Design of Retail, Commercial, or Corporate Spaces
  • Special expertise in “Interior Architecture” -- i.e. conception, coordination & management of interior designs embedded in complex -- architectural projects (requiring coordination with multidisciplinary teams comprised of architects; landscape, scenography, lighting, and technical consultants).
  • Custom-made, experimental -- object designs (research & development in custom-made furniture, lighting, fixtures, art -- artefacts or limited edition industrial designs)

Thoughtful Designs


ARC. HIVE was born in 2015 out of the association of co-founders Nabil Akl & Nadim Sioufi. Long time collaborators & friends, Nabil & Nadim elaborated the ARC.HIVE project out of a common desire to conduct radical experimentations in interiors & contemporary designs, as well as to engage in projects that would stand out of a growingly standardized design industry.

They conceived of ARC.HIVE as a laboratory of sorts - a hive where unique architecture + interior + object designs can be matured & nurtured; thought through & love combed.

Montreal - Canada

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Montreal Quebec H2Y2T2

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